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Remade to Remember: Three Generations of Beautiful Brides

There are some pieces of clothing that are just so special that we can't seem to part with them.

Wedding dresses often end up saved in the backs of our closets, boxed up and passed down through generations to preserve the memory of special days that helped grow our families.

When Kari contacted us to craft some special zipper pouches using the fabric from her mother's, grandmother's, and great grandmother's wedding dresses we were thrilled to work on such a special project.

Kari deconstructed the dresses before sending the material and included a bag of special lace & beaded details that she wanted us to incorporate into the final designs.

Opening her package of materials I was immediately struck by how beautiful the fabrics were and how special it was that she was keeping the memories of matriarchs in her family alive through such a simple act as having heirlooms made to cherish.

The exterior of each pouch features fabric from her mother's dress and some lace detailing while the interior is lined with one panel from grandma's dress and the other from great grandma's.

It was such an honor to work on these pouches knowing that they would be a tangible, functional way for her family to pass on the legacy of three generations of women.

If you have wedding dresses that you'd like transformed into a family heirloom, please reach out for more details on how to get started at

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