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  • Where are you located? Can I drop off/pick up my item(s)?
    I'm located in the beautiful Red River Valley that borders Minnesota and North Dakota (I'm on the Minnesota side of the river). If you are local to the Fargo-Moorhead or surrounding areas I welcome you to hand deliver and pick up your items, otherwise you will be given my mailing address when you place your order where you can mail your item(s).
  • How many items can you make from one shirt?
    The number of items that can be made from one shirt varies. Many factors come into play such as the size of the shirt and the type of items that you want made. No matter what, only one men's necktie OR pillow can be crafted from one button down shirt, often there is a little leftover material from either of these items that can be made into bow ties, earrings, headbands, or other small items. Multiple bow ties, zipper pouches, headbands, or medium sized items can be made from a single shirt. Very small items such as earrings, cuff links, hair bows, or keychains can be made from small items or as additional items combined with a necktie. If you have questions about your source material or about the quantity of items that can be made, don't hesitate to reach out.
  • I'm nervous to send my beloved shirts, how can I be reassured that my items are safe?
    I always say that the most dangerous part of your cherished clothing's journey is being mailed to my studio because it is the one aspect of the project that I do not have full control over. I highly, highly suggest insuring your package at the highest level and taking any precautions (signed delivery, express, etc) to ensure safe travels. Once I receive your item(s) I take great care with them. Your items are safe in my home studio which is a smoke free and pet free area. Before beginning your project I photograph the items and keep them labeled so that there are no mixups. When I begin to deconstruct your item I say a special prayer to ask for God's blessing over your project and each step of the sewing process is taken very seriously. I consider this work to be a ministry and the work that I do to be a blessing to myself and others. With over 20 years of sewing experience and twelve years deconstructing and upcycling clothing I have the utmost confidence that you will love the items that I craft for you.
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