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Transform your cherished clothing items into a beautiful zipper pouch that can store other family heirlooms or be used daily. Keep your loved one's memory close with these functional pouches.


Our classic zipper pouches measure roughly 7" x 9" and feature a 9" zipper. Pouches can be made from basic button down/flannel material, t-shirts, jeans, weddings dresses and more. If you have questions about your material please contact us before purchasing. 


After sending your material to our studio we will carefully deconstruct the garment(s) and refashion the material into a high quality zipper pouch keeping details like buttons, pockets, or lace.


Any special additions should be described at checkout or by email. Some special additions such as quilting, hand stitching, or complex detailing may incur additional charges. 

Zipper Pouches

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