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Remade to Remember: Great Grandpa Onezime

In the fall of 2013 a young couple sent me the sport coat pictured above. It belonged to the gentleman’s grandpa and he wanted it turned into something that he and his soon-to-be-born son could wear for a family photo shoot. I’d never taken apart a jacket before (or made a baby necktie) and knew that it would be a bit of a challenge but loved the idea of their little one getting to wear something made out of his great grandpa’s clothing!

Afterwards Katy (the wife & mother of the little cutie pictured below) sent another shirt to be transformed into an heirloom for her husband’s brother. She also showed me the photos from the shoot they did with the matching set of ties - that was when I knew that I wanted to craft meaningful memories for people.

Lindsey Herbert Photography did such an incredible job with the photos! Be sure to check her out on Facebook here!

Katy sent a super sweet message along with the photos too which even now, almost 6 years later still makes me feel so lucky.

Thank you so much for creating such wonderful keepsakes for us. Our son is named after his Great Grandpa Onezime, and it’s so special that he has a tie from his sport jacket. Hope you enjoy the pictures, we love how they turned out with the coordinating ties. Onezime and my husband have worn their ties a few times already, and it’s so much fun to share the story of how they were made for us by you. We can’t wait to see the one you are creating as a gift for my husband’s brother!
Thank you!

There are still plenty of stories to be told so be sure to follow the blog for updates! If I’ve created an heirloom piece for you and you’d like me to share your story on the blog please send a note and some photos to



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