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Transform your cherished clothing items into a stunning heirloom to wear for years to come. Keep your loved one's memory close to heart with our signature handcrafted infinity scarves.


We require 2-3 materials to craft 1 infinity scarf with fabric to spare for other small items. Button down shirts, t-shirts, light sweatshirts or sweaters are preferred. If you have other materials in mind, please contact us before your purchase. 


After sending your shirt to our studio we will carefully deconstruct the garments and refashion the material into a high quality infinity scarf saving special details like buttons and pockets. 


Infinity Scarves

  • If we do not recieve your material within 3 weeks of your deposit a full refund will be made. We do not accept returns on any custom orders.

  • You are responsible for shipping and insurance costs involved in sending your material to our studio. You may provide a tracking number to us at


    You will be notified when your items are shipped and will be provided with a tracking number for your order. All remaining materials will be returned along with your finished items. 

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